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How Does It Work?

The four steps journey towards your goals.

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01. Get In Touch

Book a free 30 minutes discovery call to talk about your health and lifestyle goals.

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02. Initial Consultation

Once you decide to work with me, we start the process by a 60-90 minutes in-depth conversation to discuss your goals, health history & lifestyle and create a personalised programme

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03. Implement Programme

Put into action your personal nutritional & lifestyle programme.

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04. Follow-Up Consultation(s)

30 to 45 minutes Follow- Up consultations to check progress & adjust programme.


Get In Touch

To check if a Nutritional Therapist consultation is the right path for you, I offer a free 30 minutes discovery call. It is your opportunity to find out more about me and the consultation process.  

To arrange a call or to book an appointment, contact me here

You should always consult your GP before booking a Nutritional therapist consultation if you have any health concerns.


Initial Consultation

Before the initial consultation, you will receive a health questionnaire and a 7-day food diary to complete and return at least 3 days before we meet to help me prepare your consultation.

The 60 to 90 minutes initial consultation is an in-depth discussion to get a detailed picture of:

  • your health/lifestyle goals
  • your symptoms
  • your health history
  • your dietary, exercise and lifestyle habits.

Implement Programme

After the initial consultation, a personalised nutritional and lifestyle programme designed to meet your goals and requirements will be sent to you (within 3 days).

Dietary supplements and/or laboratory tests may also be recommended. Please note that they are in addition to clinic fees but any recommendations will be discussed with you during the consultation.

I may also want to contact your GP or any other healthcare professional involved in your care to inform them of the actions taken in your programme.



During the Follow-up consultations, I will assess your progress, your struggles to reach your goals (if any) and adjust your initial nutritional and lifestyle programme.

The number of consultations and their frequency vary depending on each individual needs, the level of support and coaching required. It will be discussed during the discovery call.

Consultation Fees

Face-to-face consultations are held at the clinic in Brighton.
Skype and Zoom consultations are also available.
Consultations are available in English and French.

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12 weeks Consultation packages

ESSENTIAL = 1 Initial consultation and programme + 2 X15 mn review calls + 2x45mn Follow Up consultations and adjusted programmes => £420.00

RESTORE = 1 Initial consultation and programme +. 5x45 mn Follow Up consultations and adjusted programmes => £630.00

TRANSFORM= 1 Initial consultation and programme + 11x30 mn Follow Up consultations and adjusted programmes when needed=> £840.00

Cancellation Policy

Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice in order to avoid a cancellation fee of £30.00.

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