5 steps to a good night’s sleep

=> Do you feel refreshed after a night’s sleep?

=> Do you think you sleep enough? What about the quality of your sleep?

Many of us suffer from sleep deprivation and some of the well-known consequences including lack of concentration and irritability. However, regular poor sleep can have more sinister repercussions on our health. It “puts you at risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes, and it shortens your life expectancy.” (www.nhs.uk). Fortunately, the majority of sleep problems are lifestyle-related and a few changes can make a big difference to your sleep quality.

The below tips can help you get a more restful night and wake up feeling more refreshed and energised:

1. Cut down alcohol, caffeine and do not have a heavy meal in the evening.

 They may prevent you from falling asleep or may disrupt your sleep.

2. Sleep in a dark, cool and silent room.

It will help you create a restful sleeping environment.

Make sure your bed and mattress are comfortable!

3.No screen time 30 minutes before bed.

The blue light emitted from our computer and mobile phone screens confuse our brain by making us believe it is the start of the day, not bedtime. Moreover, once we start scrolling down social media or website pages, we usually get engrossed in the process and minutes turn into hours.

As for television, watching a thriller or upsetting news before bedtime might increase our anxiety levels and disrupt our sleep.

4. Create a “relaxing” routine before bedtime.

Listening to relaxing music, having a warm bath, doing some breathing exercises, meditating or practising gentle yoga movements may help you fall asleep.          

5. Daily outdoor 15-30 minutes walks.

Not only moderate exercise will help you release daily tension but the exposure to natural light might improve your sleep pattern.

There are a lot more tips and changes that can improve your sleep quality. You have to find the ones that work for you and your lifestyle.

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